It was fantastic retracing some of my steps with the landscape without snow. Where I had travelled over snow, now traversing rocky paths & grasslands. As we progress into April, how long till we see this transformation again?
The first week at Falls Creek has come & gone - I've discovered so many new sides the the Iconic Ski Resort. A whole new personality to a destination I have studied so often in snow. I have witnessed the change of seasons already, a change in temperature in the air, and several changeable weather fronts passing through the hills, starting first with blistering sun, followed by rain & drop in temperatures. Things are starting to happen. What will these peaks lookalike next time I return. A huge thank you to Falls Creek resort management, for making this opportunity to document this change in pictures possible.
Clouds rise form the valley beneath Falls Creek Village. With Spion Kopje in the Background.

IN 2015 I travelled to Falls Creek in Winter, to photograph both the natural and man made elements in the resort & alpine environment, the iconic infrastructure: chairlifts, safety equipment, snow ploughs, how they perform their intended purpose, yet form amazing graphic compositions & coexist harmoniously within the natural landscape. What had attracted me to the snow at Falls Creek in Winter, I am now studying in the Summer season. This infrastructure sitting dormant, though proudly, as they wait for the feverishness of the next winter season to embark.

Sunrise 24/3 over Rocky Valley Lake. Sunny conditions have returned, and just a light mist hovering over the lake. Could watch this for hours. The patterns in the mist are carried with the slight breeze, gently floating above the water. It is almost silent, apart form the occasional sounds of birds beginning to stir.

The rain eventually stopped today, however the fog remained - never a bad thing though - plenty of potential with fog. We had a frustrating morning with nothing to see at all - zero visibility.  In the afternoon, the signs are all pointing towards better days on the way. Its a fine line of what makes great conditions for an image, there were just a few moments where the fog lifted enough for the sun to break through & illuminate the mountains

Been raining now, pretty much non stop for 2 Days. This is exactly the right time to be here - this is where i want to be to capture it. You can feel the climate changing, the temperature has dropped, the light has a quality as it gets lower in the sky. The amazing blue sky conditions i found when I arrived have gone for now, they feel more like the starting line, of what will be a long race or event over the coming months.

The sunset fought hard tonight. Incredible fog had rolled in, an ever present reminder of how quickly conditions can change here. The sun almost won the battle, a faint flicker before the landscape was completely engulfed in the mist.

Then the rain came. As the front rolled in yesterday afternoon & this morning, the silver grey snow gums were darkened & roads became slippery. An Iconic view, one though I have not seen without snow for some time.

Have completed my first Sunrise & Sunset at Falls. I am simply mesmerised by the landscape. having spent so much time here in the winter, and having a particular experience of the landscape - witnessing these hills now in a completely new light. Whilst I am always attracted to the graphic shapes of man made objects within the landscape, I am loving the naturally forming shapes and patterns of these hills.

Have just arrived in Falls Creek, and the weather is superb. It is the perfect way to begin this story, documenting the gradual and seasonal change in the landscape, where snow covered hills is the destination. As the weeks go by, can't wait to see the storm fronts approach, the first falls of snow, and these peaks covered in white.

In August 2015, I set out to the Stunning Alpine Resort of Falls Creek in Victoria, with and idea.
A little over 12 Months later I had exhibited a body of work “The Fall”, a series shot in winter at the snow & alpine regions of Australia. 
Today I am thrilled to announce being a recipient of the Falls Creek Artist in Residence Grant.
Over the next few months & with the assistance of the Falls Creek Resort Management,  I will be documenting the seasonal change in the landscape at Falls Creek, the gradual change from Rocky Alpine Range, to snow capped peaks.
The transformation & build to the new winter season. 

The Fall

Thrilled to announce my upcoming exhibition, The Fall. With work captured in snow fields Falls Creek, Mount Hotham, Perisher & Hakuba.

The Sub Divide

Very proud to have 3 of my images, including commercial & personal work, featured in #TheSubDivide a brilliant collaboration of design & print by @groszcolab & @bjballau.
Featuring 30 highly regarded photographers, the beautifully crafted publication is designed as a creative resource & delivers a broad perspective of photography practice in Australia.
Curated designed and directed by @groszcolab
Printed by @bambrapress
#photography #publication #australianphotogrpahy @colorplan_papers @avongraphics34 #TheBindery

Winter 2016

Work continues through winter on an upcoming project to be exhibited late 2016.
Th body of work has been captured in Alpine regions & snow fields.. More news shortly.

Red Cross - Scented Range

Red cross have ventured into a bespoke scented product range, inspired by the Unique Australian Landscape. Wrapped to have collaborated on a fun still life with Grosz Co Lab, who championed this product, from scent curation to product design. Proceeds supporting the important work of the Red Cross.

New Work, New Website

New Website & New work now live.

Big Thank you's to Ben & Laura @ & Nick @ for some brilliant work.

Check it out!

Autumn Sun

On Melbourne's Roof Tops Friday night. Endless Autumn sun.

Yarra Valley Aerial Series

A short selection of an Aerial Series of the Yarra Valley.
Thanks to Global Ballooning for the ride & Tim Stiener our pilot!
Glorious winter morning sunlight

White Night

A sample of Pics fram the annual Whitenight event in Melbourne, earlier in the year. Looking down or straight ahead, was far more interesting than looking up!